How is BiblioCommons different from other online catalogues?? Here are 6 scenarios to show you how…

1. Can't remember if you've read a certain title before?

BiblioCommons can help you keep track of which titles you've Completed and which ones you are saving For Later. You might even decide you no longer need your paper list!

2. Is it Steig Larson or Stieg Larrson?

Don't worry, do your best guess and BiblioCommons will do the rest. Using BiblioCommons' 'did you mean' helper, your misspelled words won't stand in your way of a productive search.

3. I'd like to read another book like ______.

Who better to give reading advice than people who love to read? Search for your favourite book and then browse through lists that like-minded readers have created. Who knows, you might find your next favourite book in the process.

Love to talk about books? Create a list of your favourites, what you're reading this year, etc. and help to build the BiblioCommons community.

4. Was your latest book "the best ever" or a "complete waste of time"?

No matter your opinion, it is worth sharing. Sharing can be as simple as adding a Star Rating. Perhaps you have more to say about a title, no problem, there is also a place to add your Comment.

5. Looking for something to match your mood?

Everyone has days when a certain type of movie / book / music is needed. In order to help you find something to fit your mood, try searching by Tag in BiblioCommons. People like you have added tags such as "tear jerker", "thrilling", or "funny" that may just help you in your search.

Add your own tags to items and help to build the community.

6. What can I borrow right now?

You're standing in the Library and you want to leave with some material. What can you take home immediately? The solution is to click on the Available Now box after you've done a search to filter the results to only those items waiting for you on the shelves.

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