Please note that limited computer services are available during the current reopening restrictions. Click here for details on available services.

Public Workstations

The Library has two separate public workstation areas. The upper level has 7 Windows-based PCs (one equipped with assistive software) and 4 Apple iMacs available to adults with WPL library cards in good standing. In addition, the upper level also has 2 Windows-based Express stations that can be used without a library card for up to 20 minutes per session. The lower level has 4 public workstations available to children with WPL library cards in good standing.

Reserve a Workstation

Using your library card number and PIN, you may reserve a computer workstation at the Reservation Station. Using the Reservation Station, you can choose a specific computer and when you'd like to use it—up to a day in advance. Your library card number and PIN will be required to unlock the computer when the reservation becomes available.

Printing Services

The public printer is located on the upper level, beside the Reservation Station. Print jobs can be sent from any of the Public Workstations in the building. To protect your privacy, your prints will be suspended until you release the print job by entering your library card and PIN into the Reservation Station. Prints cost $.20 per page and payment is to be made at one of the Circulation Desks on the lower level.

Wireless Internet

The Woodstock Public Library offers free Wireless Internet access. Our wireless network requires users to enter a password and configure wireless devices. The password is available at the Information Desks. Please be aware that:

  • The library can not guarantee the availability of the wireless connection; nor can the library be held responsible for any loss of data due to any interruption in connectivity.
  • The library accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property resulting from the use of its wireless network.
  • Wireless access is self-serve. Users are responsible for configuring their equipment to engage the wireless network.

Public Internet Services Policy

All computer use conducted within the Library is subject to our pdfPublic Internet Services Policy. Public Workstation and Wireless Internet users must agree to the terms of the policy prior to beginning their computer sessions.

Early Literacy Station

There are 2 Early Literacy Stations available, without registration, on the lower level. These workstations are designed for children and come equipped with a variety of educational and entertaining programs.