Hoopla lets you borrow many digital formats, including eBooks, eAudiobooks, movies, TV, music and comics to stream in your web browser or enjoy offline on your smartphone or tablet.

What You Need

To use Hoopla on a Computer

  • An internet connection to stream the content
  • A video player for your web browser

To use Hoopla on a Smartphone or Tablet

  • The Hoopla app for iOS, Android or Amazon for smartphone or tablet use
  • A wireless connection to download or stream the content*
* Using wireless internet cellular data is not recommended as streaming/downloading multimedia content can consume a lot of bandwidth. Wireless internet access is available at the Woodstock Public Library.

To use Hoopla on your TV

  • Hoopla is supported on all Android TV devices
  • For up-to-date support on how to watch Hoopla on your TV, please go to the Hoopla Help Page.

What Kind of Content Does Hoopla Have?

  • Movies, including feature films, documentaries and children's films
  • TV shows, including educational programs, exercise programs and kids' shows
  • Music in a wide variety of genres
  • Comics and Graphic Novels for children, teens and adults
  • eBooks and eAudiobooks in a wide variety of genres for all ages
  • NEW! Hoopla Bonus Borrows is a collection of materials that you can access without the use of a monthly credit

Hoopla Kids Mode

Hoopla offers a Kids Mode setting where  all content shown while in Kids Mode is deemed suitable for children 12 years of age or younger. You will not be able to see any other content while you are in Kids Mode.

To enter Kids Mode on a computer, sign into your account and click on Settings in the top right-hand portion of the menu. Turn the Kids Mode "ON" and begin searching within Hoopla. To exit Kids Mode, return to the Settings and turn it "OFF".

To enter Kids Mode in the Hoopla app, tap on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Slide the button next to Kids Mode so that the background changes colour which means the setting is ON. Tap 'Back' to begin searching in Kids Mode. To exit Kids Mode, tap the gear icon again and slide the button next to Kids Mode so that the background colour shows white, meaning the setting is OFF.

Setting must be changed separately on each computer or device.

Hoopla and Your Privacy

In order to access Hoopla, you will be required to create a Hoopla account. Hoopla is a third-party service that is governed by its own privacy policy and practices. We advise that you consult Hoopla's Terms of Reference and Privacy Policy before agreeing to use this service. When you register for an account, the library will only provide Hoopla with information to verify that you are eligible to borrow.

Dowload a printable version of our Hoopla Guide here.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can borrow 4 items each month, with the exception of Hoopla Bonus Borrows.

Borrowing limits reset on the first day of each calendar month.

Movies and TV shows: 3-day loan Music: 7-day loan eBooks: 21-day loan eAudioboks: 21-day loan Comics and Graphic Novels: 21-day loan


No, the titles will return automatically at the end of a loan period.

Yes, but it will not give you another checkout for that month. The only reason to return a title early is to free up space on your device.

Your library card might be blocked, expired or be Internet Use Only. Please speak to a member of our Circulation Staff.

  • Visit Hoopla's Help Files
  • Speak to staff member at the Library