Woodstock Public Library is Fine Free!

Start a New Chapter @ Your Library. As of June 1, 2021, WPL has joined a growing number of public libraries across North America going "fine free"!
Please see our updated loan periods and policies below.

Fine Free FAQ

  • Why is WPL going fine free?
    • Studies show that charging overdue fines does not actually stop people from returning books late, however late fines can stop people from coming back to the library. WPL's mission is to provide a welcoming place to create, connect, and explore. Removing overdue fines further aligns our processes with our mission by removing barriers and stigma surrounding overdue fines.
  • What does going fine free mean for me?
    •  Overdue fines will no longer be applied to your account. If you had outstanding overdue fines on your account as of May 31, 2021, they have been automatically removed!
    • This does not mean you can keep library items forever! You are still responsible for all items checked out on your account and we'd like you to do your best to return them on time because other people may be waiting for them. You will not be penalized with a late fine if your items are a couple of days late.
    • If an item has not been returned in an appropriate amount of time, your account will be blocked and you won’t be able to add holds or use eResources during that time. As soon as the items are returned, your account will go back to normal. 
    • If you haven’t returned your items after a significant amount of time, you will be sent a bill for the replacement cost of the items, plus a processing fee. But don’t worry – as soon as you return your items, the bill goes away - you will still be responsible for the processing fee.
  • What about that item I borrowed a couple of years ago?
    • Bring it back! We just want the items back - no charges will be added to your account.
  • What if I lose or damage an item?
    • You will still be responsible for the replacement fees for lost and damaged items.
  • I've always thought of my late fines as a donation to the library. Can I make a donation?
    • Yes! Find out more information on supporting the library here.
  • I haven't been to the library in years. Will my card still work?
    • Depending on how long it's been since we last saw you, your card may still work. Please call us at 519-539-4801 and we can help!
  • There's a problem with my library account - can you help?
    • Absolutely - that's what we're here for! Please call us at 519-539-4801 during operating hours for assistance.

Adult Material

Material Type
Loan Period
Books, Books on CD 4 weeks
Music on CD, Software 2 weeks
Magazines 2 weeks
Video Games 1 week
DVDs (per collection) 1 week
DVD-TV (TV series) 2 weeks
eBooks and eAudiobooks 2 or 3 weeks
Express Books 1 week
Express DVDs 3 days

Children and Teen Material

Material TypeLoan Period
Books, Books on CD 4 weeks
Music on CD, Software 2 weeks
Magazines 2 weeks
DVDs 1 week
Video Games 1 week

Loan Item Limits

Library cardholders may have up to a maximum of 100 items checked out on their library card at any time. The following item types have a maximum number of checkouts per collection:

  • DVDs - 10
  • Video Games - 4
  • Express Books - 3
  • Express DVDs - 3

Reminders and Notices

The Library will send out Date Due Reminders and Notices via email (when an email address has been given) or in the form of a letter via mail.

Lost or Damaged Material

Items that are reported lost, not returned after 60 days overdue or returned damaged will be charged to the patron's library card. The cost will be the replacement cost of the item, plus a $5.00 Processing Fee.


Borrowing privileges are suspended whenever unpaid fees total $10.00 or more.

Collection Agency

If items remain overdue for more than 60 days, the Library reserves the right to refer patrons to an outside Collection Agency to assist in recouping material and fees.