Our Ontario

Our Ontario is a portal that connects researchers to hundreds of sites in seconds. It includes audio, video, images, text, government documents and much more.

Oxford Historical Society

Founded in 1897, the Oxford Historical Society works to further public interest in the history of the county and to maintain records for future generations.

Paper of Record

Paper of Record is an Internet archive of full-page historical newspaper images that you can search for unique coverage of past events. The archive is created from newspaper collections on microfilm, preserving the original format of the paper. Available in the Library only.

Sentinel Review – Special Edition 1901

Features scanned images of each page of the Inaugural edition of the Sentinel Review in 1901.

Woodstock Museum

The Woodstock Museum's collection consists of over 20 thousand artifacts including an impressive collection of 10 thousand photographic images. The artifacts may be researched online and are available by appointment to the public at the Museum.

Woodstock's YWCA History

The YWCA 1957-1964 site features newspaper items accumulated during that time period.