Creator: Purington, C. W., Honoured Secretary

Title: Minutes of 8th Meeting, 1917, June, 13th, American Committee of Engineers in London

3 pages. American Committee of Engineers in London, Minutes of 8th Meeting held on the 13th June, 1917. page 1 of 3

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923

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The Len Taylor Collection; Published with permission from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Deputy Keeper of Records and Mr. James Boyle of Ballymena. D1943/1/6

Text: AMERICAN COMMITTEE OF ENGINEERS IN LONDON Minutes of 8th Meeting held on the 13th June, 1917. Present: Colonel Boyle Colonel Hunsiker Messrs. Chartran Messrs. Smith Martin H. Titcomb Hodgetts Lawson Plunkett Shalor Poland Cautley Sengier Mitchell Sheldon Clarke Hough Waite Holm Petithory Humbert Purington (1)The Secretary read list of Sub-Committees appointed by the Executive Committee, as follows:-Plan 1. Poland, Boyle, Dessau, Macdonell. Plan 2. Purington, Mitchell, Brown, Fifer. Plan 7. Shaler, Lawson, Sheldon, Fifer, Holm, Hodgetie. Plan 9. Waite, Hough, Gillmor Martin. Plan 10. Titcomb, Peacock, Clarke. Plan 11. Smith, Campbell Hooper, Koon, Songior. Plan 13 Mackenzie, Kuehn, Hunter, Smith, Short. Resolution No. 3. Mitchell, Hodegetts, Sheldon. Secretary read letter from Hooper regarding military ser vice of Mining Engineers and was directed by the Committee to forward the substance of this letter in the form of a Resolution to the U. S. Military Attaché as per attached copy. (2) Secretary road letter written by him to Mr. Drake, of the American Chamber of Commerce, suggesting that anirrterchange of membership to a limited extent would be desirable, in accordance with suggestion of Robert Grant.