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Title: Minutes of 8th Meeting, 1917, June, 13th, American Committee of Engineers in London

3 pages. American Committee of Engineers in London, Minutes of 8th Meeting held on the 13th June, 1917. page 2 of 3

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923

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The Len Taylor Collection; Published with permission from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Deputy Keeper of Records and Mr. James Boyle of Ballymena. D1943/1/6

Text: (3) Plan 1. Col. Boyle read Progress Report and reported fully on the activi ties of the party up to date. In future all important negotiations of the party proceeding to Petrograd will be delayed until the party's arrival in Petrograd ( consisting of Col. J. W. Boyle, Col. J. A. Macdonell D.S.O., and Mr. J. Kennalley Jnr.). The plan is progressing favourably. Mr. Hodgetts suggested that the Committee at Petrograd should bear in mind the Telf erago system in connection with transport of supplies at the front. This suggestion was taken note of and left to the discretion of the Sub-Committee. Mr. Poland read figures regarding the amount of saving to be accomplished in repair of defective rolling stock. This will be brought to the attention of the Steven's Commission at Petrograd by the Sub-Committee. (4) Plan 9. Waite (Secretary of the Sub-Committee) read letter embodying the approval of the Sub-Committee, and after being submitted to General Committee the Secretary was authorised to send this letter and the report accompanying it to Gillmor. Copy of the letter to Gillmor attached hereto. The Sub-Committee’s report and exhibits relating thereto in duplicate are on exhibition at the Sec- cretary's Off ice. The work of the General Committee on Plan 9 is finished. (5) Plan 10. Titcomb, (Secretary of Sub-Committee) submitted progress report as per attached copy. Mr. Clarke suggested as adjunct to the telescope a colour screen enabling more accurate identification of a periscope. A prelimi- nary telescope has been made and was exhibited at the Meeting and the Committee tested the same with approval. Full report will be presented shortly. (6) Plan 14. ( presented by Smith) Weekly resume of German atrocities to be transmitted to America to Associated Press was passed by Executive Committee and Smith and Mackenzie were appointed a Sub-Committee to conduct this publicity bureau. Further action is left in the hands of this Sub-Comittee without fur- ther ref erenee to General Committee. The first weekly letter authorised by the Associated Press is as per enclosed copy (7) Plan 11. Employment of crippled soliders. Although this matter is in the hands of a Sub-Committee, the Secretary read a letter written by Smith to his brotehr-in-law - Secretary of the National Association of Manufacturers in America making preliminary suggestions about the plan. Report will be submitted in due course. (8) Secretary requested members of the Committee having information as to present War demand f or Platinum to communicate with him as ho has a project for increasing the Platinum output of the Ural District in Russia. (g) Secretary has sent the Memorandum of Association to the American Committee at the American Embassy who have expressed their desire to have information re- carding all the American Committees in London.