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Title: Minutes of 12th Meeting, 1917, July, 12th, American Committee of Engineers in London

3 pages. American Committee of Engineers in London, Minutes of 12th Meeting held on the 11th July, 1917. page 2 of 3

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923

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The Len Taylor Collection; Published with permission from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Deputy Keeper of Records and Mr. James Boyle of Ballymena. D1943/1/6

Text: -2- (4) Resolution No. 3. ( Suggested changes in the American Patent Laws) This Resolution originally introduced by Mitchell on the 23rd May, 1917 at the 5th Meeting, and on which a Sub-Committee was appointed consisting of Messrs. Mtchell, Hodgetts and Sheldon, was passed by the full Committee in the form in which it was circulated with the Minutes of the Ninth Meeting, June 20th, 1917, with the exception that Clause 2 with its sub-headings is omitted altogether and the accompanying explanation of such clause, and there are also omitted the words "and for a certain period thereafter originally forming part of Clause 1, and with the striking out of the word freely in this clause, and with the strik- ing out of the word subject, and the addition after used by any American of the words or Allied Alien resident in the United States". This Resolution as it stands will be sent to the American Consul General, for f orwarding to the American State Department. (5) The election of new Consulting Member, Mr. H. Foster Bain, Box 994, American P.O., Shanghai, was confirmed. (6) Final report of Sub-Committee on Plan No. 15 (Sub-Committee Martin, Kuehn and Hooper) recommending the control by allied governments of Platinum as a war necessity and submitting a plan for increasing Russian output in 1918 from 80,000 ounces to 150,000 ounces, and it was decided that this roport after being submitted once more to Hooper who may wish to make some minor changes, shall be sent to the American Commercial Attaché, American Embassy, by the Hon. Secretary, after which it will be circulated with Minutes of the next Meeting. (7) Enquiry No. 3. from the American Consul General for the State Department received June 26th, 1917, with reference to form of accountancy in British con- cerns to ascertain the cost of production in order to arrive at a basis for fixing prices which the Government will pay and enquiring how these accounts are checked. Sub-Committee appointed is Waite (Secretary) Sheldon, Plunkett, Humbert and Tweedy. Considerable information has been obtained and report will be submitted at next meeting. Sheldon has had an interview with the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Munit ions who is supplying several reports to the Consul General at the request of the Sub-Committee. The Accountant advises that the United States send three or four men over to England to get this information in person as the presentation of reports is not sufficient for a complete understanding of procedure. (8) Enquiry No. 5. Secretary has received from the Consul General on behalf of the State Department an enquiry regarding any pamphlets which are available in this country re Russian Forest Exploitation and any reports that have been made concern- ing various concessions granted in Russia. Secretary has made enquiries from several sources but would be glad of any information which members of the Committee can give him. (9) Enquiry No. 6. Titcomb states that volunteers are wanted for microscopic biological work, important to the War, by Dr. Browning of the Middlesex Hospital, London, to assist in his tests on the new antiseptic Flavine. Detailed state- ment of this enquiry will be circulated shortly.