Creator: Purington, C. W., Honoured Secretary

Title: Minutes of 12th Meeting, 1917, July, 12th, American Committee of Engineers in London

3 pages. American Committee of Engineers in London, Minutes of 12th Meeting held on the 11th July, 1917. page 3 of 3

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923

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The Len Taylor Collection; Published with permission from the Public Records Office of Northern Ireland, Deputy Keeper of Records and Mr. James Boyle of Ballymena. D1943/1/6

Text: -3- (10) Secretary desired to record his protest against the lack of warning given in theCity of London regarding air raids, and suggested that a letter be written by this Committee to the American Embassy voicing this protest. The Committee as a whole decided not to send a letter until accompanied by a suggestion for distributing such a warning. Humbert will present such suggestion at next Meeting. C. W. Purington, Hon. Secretary. Next Meeting will be held on Wednesday, 18th July, 1917, at 5 p.m. at 6 Copthall Avenue, E.C.2.