Creator: Marie, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of Romania, 1875-1938

Title: [Letter] 1923 May 23, [To] Col. Zvegintzov

12 leaves. Letter from Marie, Queen of Rumania, to Colonel Zvegintzov, secretary of Joe Boyle, on the occasion of Boyle's death. leaves 5-6 of 12.

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923
Marie, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of Romania, 1875-1938
Zvegintzov, Colonel

Pages: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12

Text: and yet when one comes to examine his life, he was always led by dreams -by impossible dreams of a world in which men would play fair and fight fair, help each other and speak the truth -- dreams... And here too, after having made a hero out of him, almost a demi-god, they set upon him later on, trying to besmirch his honour, to pull him down, only because I knew he was big and trusted in him beyond what others considered it was wise to trust a man, and especially a stranger, so they had to take him from me -- I fought hard, but finally had to surrender, but the Colonel whose heart was already half worn out could never really overcome the bitterness of our having to surrender and part. I know that his heart was broken, that my people had broken it, by not allowing him to work for me and mine -- but because they were my people, he did not fight them, thereby fighting the hardest battle of all the hard battles of his stormy life! Forgive my writing all this, but like you, I find myself with few who loved him to the end -- you did -- that makes a link between us although our roads will probably never meet now that the big man who brought us together lies cold and still under the ground. My one comfort is that I, the King and my children were always loyal to him absolutely and unshakeably and there was not a week that I did not write to him, did not make a report of my doings. I kept him in touch with any event of our lives, all