Creator: Marie, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of Romania, 1875-1938

Title: [Letter] 1923 May 23, [To] Col. Zvegintzov

12 leaves. Letter from Marie, Queen of Rumania, to Colonel Zvegintzov, secretary of Joe Boyle, on the occasion of Boyle's death. leaves 7-8 of 12.

Boyle, Joe, 1867-1923
Marie, Queen, consort of Ferdinand I, King of Romania, 1875-1938
Zvegintzov, Colonel

Pages: 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12

Text: that moved me in any way I shared with him, but I felt by his answers that his health was failing; I had an intuition also that he did not want me to see him in his actual state of weakness. I had always called him my rock of strength -- he was proud of that and I think he wanted me to remember him as he was, when we worked together. I was immensely, unspeakably grateful to "little Hill" as the Colonel used to call him for having laid those lilies on his heart from "his Queen" for that I was his Queen with all my love, gratitude, loyalty -- and because my people had been wickedly unjust and ungrateful towards him, I did not wish to entrust them with the honour of laying a wreath in my name on his grave -- I am deeply grateful that the dear old Empress did so -- it was a public homage she could pay him -- He would understand why I did not wish anyone who had calumniated him to lay a wreath from me on his grave, it would have been desecration. For me he is not dead, he was so big, he belonged so absolutely to Nature, for me he is in the trees, in the sky, in the sea, in the sun and in the wind which sweeps round my house -- He is in the freshness of early morning, in the silence of the night -- the stars seem to watch me with his eyes and the clouds seem to bring me messages from that great heart that was mine... Forgive me all this -- you too once in my little wooden house of "Coto-fanesti" "broke bread with me" as he would have said, so in writing I have put the thought that we